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GN Routes: Bozburun Bays!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

You can find our favorite bays on the Bozburun route in this story. Departing from Bozburun is ideal for visiting Yeşilova and Hisarönü gulfs.



Along with Bodrum, it is one of Turkey's largest gulet shipyard centers. We usually start and end our cruises here. It has a pleasant beach to walk and beautiful beach venues.


It is a beautiful cove very close to Bozburun, which we prefer to stop by on the first day of trips from Bozburun. It deserves its name because it is on the strait between Bozburun Peninsula and Kızıl Island.


It is a large bay just south of Bozburun Bay. Söğüt actually consists of two separate neighborhoods and bays: Kızılyer and Saranda. Both bays are beautiful with their places and sea, but Saranda bay is better for swimming. You may have heard the name of Saranda because of the newly opened popular venue Barba Saranda.


We're talking about Söğüt island and the smaller islands to its south-west. On our blue cruises, we drop anchor near the smaller islands and swim in the sea on days when the weather is suitable. It can be visited for a swimming break, but we do not recommend staying overnight as they are not very sheltered from waves and winds.


We prefer to stop by at the beginning or end of our excursion week, as it is close to the south-west cape of Yeşilova Bay. It is a cove that we can't get enough of looking at its beauty, which we have stopped by on all the blue cruises from Bozburun we have done so far. Sometimes we can't find a place to anchor in high season but we always try our chance.




This island and bay of the same name are located across each other. Kocabahçe Glamping is our favorite glamping facility in Kocabahçe Bay. You can anchor in the deep bay of Kocaada or Kocabahçe and stay anchored.


It is a developed and central port of the Gulf of Hisaronu. You can dock at Selimiye harbor. If you want to spend the night in a deserted place in the bay, you can anchor stern-to and visit Selimiye with a dinghy. It is a suitable port for groups who want to go ashore and take a walk and enjoy coffee, dessert or drinks. Don't forget to try the poppy cake from our favorite cafe here: Paprika.


It is one of the loveliest bays of the bay. When viewed from the map, it is shaped as an elbow, so it is well protected against waves and winds.


Kız Kumu, known for its statue of a girl with a jug, is a place loved by those who want to take pictures in its shallow waters that goes all the way to the mid sea.

Orhaniye, on the other hand, preserved its former beauty with its beautiful "Martı Marina" and seaside venues. We recommend it if you want to go ashore for a walk or have dinner overlooking the sea.



We can make reservations to these restaurants upon your request.


A very nice sailor's den on the corner of Bozburun bay stretching out to the sea. Every time we go, we like the food, the view and the environment once again. The owners Edhem Dirvana and Tanem Sivar run this place with sincerity and love. Since it is difficult to reach by land, you have to go by boat. We recommend that you stop by on Friday, the last evening of week-long boat trips.


An high-end seafront venue in Selimiye Bay. Along with Sardunya, many more nice places have opened in Selimiye.


Our favorite place in Orhaniye. The tables are almost in the sea and on the pebbles. If you want to accomodate after your boat trip, there are also cute bungalows at the back. It is a good idea to visit on a weekday, in the middle of a week-long boat trip.


Stylish restaurant that recently opened in Söğüt Saranda bay. The food and environment are nice. We had the chance to go once. We hope to go again.

Note: Some of the photos are from Sail Nation trips and some are from Coast Guide TR. Google Maps maps were used in map representations.

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