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Gokova Route

Gulet Nation Blue Routes

Below you will find our favorite bays and taverns in Gokova Route.

Main port city for the route is Bodrum, one of Turkey's largest gulet shipyard centers.

Departure from: Bodrum Port or Oren Port 

Flights to: Bodrum Milas Airport (BJV) 

Route highlights

An example route

Day 1 - Saturday: 16:00 Bodrum departure, Anchor at Karaada Island
Day 2 - Sunday: Swim stop at Karaada, Anchor at Buyuk Cati Bay

Day 3 - Monday: Swim stop at Kucuk Cati, Anchor at Bordubet

Day 4 - Tuesday: Swim stop at Seven Islands, Anchor at Seven Islands
Day 5 - Wednesday: Swim stop at Kufre, Anchor at Kargi Bay Longoz

Day 6 - Thursday: Swim stop at Ingiliz Limani and anchor at Cokertme Bay

(Optional Cokertme Bay - Turkish tavern dinner) 
Day 7 - Friday: Swim stop at Pabucburnu, Anchor at Bodrum Port

(Optional Bodrum dinner & cocktails possible)
Day 8 - Saturday: Bodrum check-out at 9 AM after early breakfast
*The route and bays can change last minute due to weather, bay and boat conditions. 

Map overview

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