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GN Routes: Northern Greek Islands!

We were also in Motorboat magazine with this article:

Prinos (stop), Limenas (overnight), Wednesday

After leaving Kavala, we made our first swimming break in Prinos, in the north of Thassos. Then we arrived at Limenas, the biggest port of Thassos, with a sailing cruise of three hours. In today's short cruise, we did not exhaust ourselves too much.

We had the chance to explore the surroundings. Our fleet guide, Dimitris, took us first to the amphitheater and then to the sunset at a very stylish beach bar. On the white pebbles, our feet in the water, we watched the sun paint the clouds and erase itself. As if the sunset drunk wasn't enough, we were at the ouzo table towards the evening. We ate and drank whatever we wanted, and in surprise, we paid 10 euros per person and left the table. Tonight we all added a very valuable word to our lives. The solution to everything in life is salt water: sweat, tears or sea water. We learned later that the owner of this word was Danish Isak Dinesen, author of the book My Africa.

Maries(Stop), Limeneria(Overnight), Thursday

We woke, we were in a gray cloud, huge raindrops and a storm ahead. We tried the famous Greek coffees in our boats and watched the low pressure system pass over us. Finally the wind eased and seeing the blue sky in the northwest, we decided to turn the island from the west. We continued towards the place where the sky was bright.

As the sun was setting, we set our course towards Limeneria. Tonight, we will be at a local restaurant in town, at the suggestion of our guide Dimitris. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any plates to break, but the street was so much fun. Our half-Greek friend Alper and his choir took on the animation, which lasted for hours, brought a feast to the neighborhood. Turkish and Greek songs were sung. Preparations for tomorrow's "marriage at sea" had already begun. On the way back to the boats, we were drawn to the music of the only nightclub in town. When this spontaneous encounter was combined with our dance group, we made the street in front of the venue a dance floor. As such, phone cameras, other customers, and free shots on the tray immediately joined us.

Salonikios(Stop), Giola(Stop), Aliki(Overnight), Friday

No one was able to wake up to our yoga class at 9.30 in the morning except our yoga teacher Öykü and Burak. Everybody woke up later and after a long sail, we took the first swimming break of the day at Salonikios.

A few hours later, we anchored and stopped in front of the famous natural stone pool (“Giola”) by the sea. We climbed the ladder-shaped rocks and were in the pool. After a while, Ozan's amazing jump from the highest side of the natural pool fascinated everyone!

Today's overnight port, Aliki, deserves special attention as it is crowded and not very large. We continued on our way to Aliki. We had our sunset pleasure tonight, accompanied by shrimp, seabed and cocktails.

Our guide Dimitris and the team took the wedding ceremony very seriously. The Nikea boat was decorated, music lists were made, everyone wore white Sail Nation T-shirts and Hawaiian flower necklaces. We married our beloved couple with sincere and loving words on Nikea's bow. Afterwards, we chatted under a blanket of stars and fell asleep.

Vathi Beach(Stop), Marble Beach(Stop), Kavala(Overnight), Saturday

We woke up early in the morning. The destination today is Vathi beach, just west of Marble Beach. Morning swim and coffee was a good start to the day. We had the opportunity and spent a few quiet hours.

All the beauty of this place, one has to see Marble Beach at least once. You have to go to the quarries on the hillside to find it. Since we wanted to delay returning to land, we decided to see the famous Marble Beach and made a short stop.

According to our plan we made before we took off, Nikea and Oceanos would take Alexandros by surprise at the meeting place with their water guns and balloons. The balloons were just coming out of the hands… we approached a boat we didn't know! Hold your fire! We wanted the wind to drag us backwards, but we had to turn the rudder towards Kavala.

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