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  1. Activity: Indicates sailing trips, yacht cruises or meetings organized by Sail Nation. After now, it will be referred to as Activity.

  2. Participant: Each participant will be referred to as Participant.

  3. Team: Team refers to the Sail Nation organization team and captains that are present during the Event. It will be referred to as Team.

  4. Boat: The boat used or rented by Sail Nation. Thereafter it will be referred to as Boat.

  5. Captain: The person who is responsible for the Boat and the Participants. Thereafter it will be referred to as Captain.

As a participant, I accept, declare and undertake all the following matters regarding the Event:


  1. During the course of the event, I will not hold ”Sail Nation” responsible, including any damage or damage resulting from my own mistakes, negligence and defects, including damage to sea vehicles. In this case, I am responsible for any compensation to Sail Nation.

  2. I have no health problems preventing me from participating in this Event; I agree and declare that I will not hold Sail Nation responsible for a possible health problem during / after this Event.

  3. Within the period of the event and after the event, I accept that my photographs and sound recordings will be taken, and that these photographs, audio and video recordings will be used by Sail Nation in all kinds of media including print, video and internet.

  4. I have read and I will comply with the following Rules and Warnings. If not, I will be responsible able for all losses and defects to myself, the Boat, other boats, the marina, and other Participants. In such a case, I accept that I will not hold Sail Nation responsible for any loss or damage, and that it is my responsibility. I will not claim any compensation from Sail Nation in such a case.

Rules and Warnings:

  1. Use of drugs before or during the Activity is prohibited.

  2. Pay attention to your use of alcohol before or during the event. Do not behave in any way that may cause discomfort to other Participants.

  3. Observe the Captain's warnings and commands especially during berthing / departure. Do not put your hand, arm or leg between two boats or between the berth / dock approached by boat during berthing / departure. If you are going to help or intervene, take the Captain's opinion and approval.

  4. If can not swim at least 100 meters, you must inform the Team and the Captain before registering for the Activity, in which case you must use a life jacket at all times.

  5. Do not come too close to the edges of the boat during the journey, at the marina or at the port. Avoid any movement that may cause the risk of falling out of the boat.

  6. The participant is obliged to comply with what the Captain says especially in dangerous states such as a storm, large waves and so on. (Wearing life jackets, leaving the boat, etc.)

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